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Ghungroo puja - Vasant Panchami

Vasant panchami is significant for worshiping SARASWATI, the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.  It is believed to be the birth anniversary of goddess Saraswati hence this day is also called  saraswati Jayanti.  
Young children are introduced to the world of learning and formal education…

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Namaskar in Dance

Namaskar is a Sanskrit word. Namaskar is done to welcome and greet family,  friends, and even strangers. It is are a respectable way of acknowledging another person.  We express gratitude towards another being for their kindness and help. 

We must always start our dance with namaskar learned u…

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Meaning of kathak technical terms

 Rukhsar -

It is a type of gatnikas in Kathak. In dance it is the first appearance . Rukh is an urdu word which means - face (chehra, mukh). Rukh-sar means to see the face first time (paheli baar mukh mandal ka darshan).

Ched chad -

Ched chad in kathak denotes love tussel between radha and krish…

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  • Gat Nikas — these depict simple stories. In Gat Bhava dancer portrays two or more characters with a half-turn. This role playing is generalized under various gats like makhan chori, paniya bharan, chedchad, ghungat (veil), murli (flute), matki (pot), etc. where Krishna is symbolized by murli …

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Sattriya Dance

Sattriya dance is from the state of Assam. Five hundred years ago , Sri Sankardev was responsible for a great movement of religious and social reform in Assam based on Vaishnava teaching. He traveled widely and studied not only the prevailing religious systems but also the music and dances of the co…

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Ved Institute Annual Dance Show

Ved Institute of Performing Arts 4th Annual Event

Ved Institute of Performing Arts (VIPA) presented its 4th Annual Show on 21st Sep, 2014 at Ravindra Natya Mandir. It was an attempt to showcase the talent of the students at Ved Institute and to provide them a platform to perform in public events, M…

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Angik Abhinaya Workshop on 18th Jan.


Angik Abhinaya.

'Abhi' is the prefix meaning 'towards' and 'ni (naya)' is the root meaning to carry. So, Abhinaya means to carry towards, i.e. to carry the spectator towards the meaning.Thus, Abhinaya can be called a vehicle of Natya through which the spectator experiences the particular emotio…

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WoW 2013 !!!

Last year was great for Ved Institute of Performing Arts. From 36 students appearing for Gandharva exams, more than 60 students performing at Our Annual program, Kathak dance workshop for foreigners to Ved Dance company performing for various festivals and functions ..... Lets hope for more in…

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Annual Concert 2013

Annual Concert is here....

Everything seems prepared for the Big Day. Choreography done, costumes distributed, jewelry and make up artist, musician on stand by, lots of excitement and nervousness in students. Lots in store for 29th June till than Good luck everyone !!!


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Ved Dance Company - April, May .............. and more to come

Ved Dance Company has its hand full with performances and collaborations with renowned dancers and troupes. 

After a successful performance at Wassup Andheri festival in march. VDC stared preparing for a dance show in western suburb . VDC opened the evening with the vandana and than took the audie…

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Ved Institute - Upcoming Performance

Ved Institute of Performing Arts will present a dance show on 14th April'13, the day earmarked for celebrating the Annual Day of their Western Suburb branch. Aditi Yadav, under whose guidance the young shishyas learn kathak, is an exponent of this dance form from the 'Benaras Gharana'. Kathak had ac…

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Sanskrit Slok from Natyashashtra

The Abhinaya Darpan mentions that the dancer should sing the song by the throat, express the meaning of the song through hand gestures, show the state of feelings by eyes and keep track of the time with feet.

From the Natya Shastra, a text on the arts, this beautiful quotation and translation was o…

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Bharta Muni was instructed by Lord Brahma about NatyaVeda in the beginning. Bharata along with the hordes of Apsaras and Ganharvas gave his presentation on Natya  (nritta) in front of Shiva. Shiva instructed Bharata through his attendants in NatyaVeda, after he was reminded about his own wonderful p…

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Kathak - As stated in Natyashashtra - Kathak, the classical dance style from north  India comprises of intricate footwork and lighting chakkars. The word kathak is derived from the word "KATHA" that is story. In ancient times the wandering bards used to go from village to village and recite chie…

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